Ginkgo and Hawthorn with Drugs for High Blood Pressure?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Joanne
Posted on: April 24, 2003

I am taking Ginkgo biloba daily, 60mg twice a day, and hawthorn berries, 510mg three times per day. Is this safe? I also have high blood pressure, for which I take losartan, 100 mg per day. Is this conbination safe for long periods of time?

Losartan is a drug that lowers blood pressure by decreasing blood vessel constriction, to allow the blood to flow more freely.

Hawthorn berry strengthens the heart and dilates blood vessels around the heart to increase blood flow. The usual recommended dose of hawthorn berry in capsule form is 400 - 500 mg, three times daily. Hawthorn, in the absence of heart drugs, can always be taken without concern. With heart drugs, there can be interactions, especially if an irregular heart beat is a symptom. The effect of your drug and hawthorn are similar, in that they both work to dilate blood vessels. I suggest that you consult with a natural health practitioner to give you advice for your individual needs.

The dosage of Ginkgo biloba leaf varies according to preparation. For a 50:1 standardized extract, the therapeutic dosage is 40 mg. (equivalent to 9.6 mg of ginkgo flavone glycosides) three times daily. The reported side effects of Ginkgo biloba leaf include mild gastro-intestinal discomfort and headache. Ginkgo biloba leaf is recommended for use in insufficiency of blood circulation to the brain. If you does not have this problem, you may feel a side effect from having too much blood circulating to the brain. You should discontinue this remedy if you do not have insufficient blood circulation to the brain, or if you feel these side effects.

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