Are Hawthorn Berry and Dandelion Safe?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Maria
Posted on: April 29, 2003

I have heard many good things about Dandelion Root/Leaf and Hawthorn berries and would like to take both of these. I thought I heard something about dandelion and hayfever. I have hayfever. It comes in August and stays with me until we get a frost. If I take this herb will I have a reaction? If so what kind of a reaction will I have? I would also like to take hawthorn berries. Are they okay for everyone to take? Do either of these herbs have any side effects and if they do, what are they? Could they be harmful in any way? Are these herbs you can stay on all the time? I have slighty above normal cholesterol (209), and I also have GERD and a Hiatis Hernia. Will these herbs harm these things? What can I take to help these things? Also, what is sterol found in Hawthorn berries? Is that a steroid?

Dandelion is a very safe herb. A small percentage of people who suffer from hay fever, often an allergy to ragweed when it is experienced in August, will react to all plants in the same family, including dandelion. The reaction is usually hay fever symptoms. Because dandelion is a diuretic, it should not be taken with diuretic drugs. Make sure you drink lots of water if you are taking diuretic herbs.

Hawthorn berry is a very safe nutrient for the heart, that can be taken long term with no side effects. If you are taking heart drugs, consult with a natural health care practitioner before taking hawthorn. It is contraindicated with the drug digitalis. Hawthorn berry is most often used for heart and cholesterol problems.

Steroid is the name of a type of chemical structure in plants and animals. Examples of steroids are sterols, adrenocortical and sex hormones and toad poisons. Sterols are a particular molecular pattern in the steroid group. An example of a sterol is cholesterol.

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