Inflamed Gums
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Marie
Posted on: April 29, 2003

I saw your publication on the internet. I am suffering with gum pain. I had gum surgery about 1 year ago. My teeth are very sensitive. I am looking for an herb that would heal the inflammation that occurred in my gums. I brush, floss daily, and see no change. What would you recommend for me? I would rather take a fluid herb. I think it would be most effective. I know that the GOLDENSEAL ROOT HERB IS GOOD; I have tried it to no avail. Please fax me the remedy to clearup the infection or inflammation in my gums. I wear a metal bridge; is that the cause of the inflamed gums? I cannot eat or drink hot or colds, I was in SO much pain. Could you please help me? I am desperate to cleanse my body of any bacteria.

Gum inflammation can be the result of poorly fitting dentures irritating the gums, so your bridge may be the problem. If it is a removable bridge, leave it out at night to allow gums to "breathe".

For gum health, the diet should be high in whole, unprocessed food, emphasizing fruit and vegetables.

Here are some suggestions for improving gum health:

Vitamin C (1-2 grams daily) should be taken with bioflavonoids – rutin or quercitin – for best benefit. Citrus fruit is especially beneficial in preventing gum problems.

Eating vegetables helps to prevent plaque build up.

Chewing on foods like carrot sticks or a stick of real licorice root stimulates saliva and the gums, and helps to inhibit plaque.

A myrrh (Comiphora molmol) mouthwash (5 to 10 drops of myrrh tincture in a glass of water) three times daily helps to harden gums. Myrrh is anti-inflammatory and one of the best antiseptics. Sage tea as a mouth rinse has been reported to be successful in healing inflamed gums. Sage is astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. To make the tea to use as a rinse, use 1/2 teaspoon of crushed, dried sage to half a cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 15 minutes.

Coenzyme Q10 (60 mg daily) is reportedly helpful for gum health.

Massage the chin, cheeks and gums to improve circulation.

Propolis (5-10 drops of the tincture in a glass of water daily) can be used both as a mouth rinse and as a drink to strengthen gums and general health. Propolis is very rich in vitamins and minerals, is antibiotic and helps to regenerate gum tissue.

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