Herbs for Memory
Answered by: Susan Eagles and Conrad Richter
Question from: Dianne, Jonael and Leona
Posted on: July 23, 2003

We want to know what herbs serve as a memory boosters.

We have answered similar questions previously. Please go to our web site at www.richters.com, choose Q&A from the main menu, and then enter "memory" for the search.

We would you to know what herbs serve as a memory boosters. We would like you to be our mentor of our investigatory project, could you??????????

You don’t give any details of your project so it is impossible to answer this question. But in general, we are not really equipped to act in any advisory capacity for projects involving medicinal uses of herbs. Our main area of expertise is in the growing of herbs and this is where we prefer to be active in a research or development sense. If you need a qualified practitioner to help with your project, the American Herbalists Guild (in the U.S., http://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/) or the Ontario Herbalist Association (in Canada, http://herbalists.on.ca) are good places to look for help.

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