Menopausal Skin and Sleep Problems
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Raquel
Posted on: October 19, 2003

I went through total hysterectomy ten years ago, as well as HRT for many years. I quit HRT one year ago and in spite of having read much about menopause, I still have not got a clear idea: what to do when one does not have any ovary? How to compensate that? I am 55 years-old, in very good health. At this stage my problem is only the fact that I wake up very often at night. Also I notice that, since I abandonned HRT my skin has lost elasticity and I seem to get older faster now. I am not anxious about beauty: my only son is mentally handicapped and I would like to live very long, in good health, in order to be able to look after him.

Menopausal symptoms are similar, whether it’s a natural menopause or a surgical menopause. With surgery, the onset is faster and usually more dramatic.

You will find some help for your skin and insomnia in previously answered questions on our web site. Please go to, and choose "Q&A". Enter "skin" for the search. Then from the list of questions and answers about hair, please see "Herbs for Skin Heath", which lists some of the basic necessities for healthy skin in ageing. From the search screen again, search for the item "Post Hysterectomy Health" for more general information.

Poor sleep can result from a lack of exercise, constant stress, anxiety, depression, low blood sugar levels, excess coffee, cocoa, tea, colas or other soft drinks or stimulants. After you have assessed and resolved any of these issues, you could try a cup of Passionflower tea in the evening. Passionflower is known to help when a person can get to sleep but not stay asleep. The dose is one teaspoon of the dried leaf and flower to a cup of boiling water, steeped for 15 minutes. Calcium deficiency can cause insomnia. High calcium foods include dairy products and fish. For more information on insomnia, please search for "insomnia" on our web site.

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