Herbs for Menopause and Acne
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Judy
Posted on: November 17, 2003

First, I would like to know how long I should take elk or antler velvet.

I find the effects good but worry that long use is not so good, like ginseng. I also take sage for the hot flashes with the velvet and ginseng. How long should I take the ginseng or should I stop it with velvet and the sage?

Also my 20 year old has bad acne and I can no longer afford the prescription pills at $100.00 a month. I thought ginseng would help. If so, for how long; and if you can suggest something else for the acne that would be great.

I have no knowledge or experience with antler velvet. If you are taking this product for hot flashes, I suggest that you look on our web site for alternative methods of reducing the symptoms of menopause, including dietary and lifestyle factors. Herbalists generally recommend specific herbs for short periods of time, their purposes being to help ease symptoms while helping the body move into balance. If the best herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations for your individual condition are being followed, then you should not have to take the same herbs continuously. Please see www.richters.com, and choose "Q&A" from the menu. Then enter "menopause" for one search, and "flash" for a second search.

Ginseng should not be taken for more than 4-6 weeks without a break. Sage can be taken with ginseng.

We have answered questions about acne previously. Please search our "Q&A" for "acne". Ginseng is unlikely to be the herb of choice for this condition.

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