Help for Menopausal Moods with Breast Cancer
Answered by: Susan Eagles Question from: Name not given
Posted on: January 29, 2004

What herbs can be taken for mood swings, irritability and depression if you’ve had breast cancer, so cannot take anything that stimulates hormone production.

There are many non-estrogenic herbs that can help with menopausal symptoms. For example, milk thistle and dandelion root support the liver in hormone metabolism, helping to balance hormones. The liver is known to be associated with moods and depression. Choosing the most effective herbs depends on your individual health picture. To find the most effective combination, I suggest that you consult with a well trained herbalist or a naturopath, who will give you a full health assessment and offer information on diet and lifestyle factors that will help with your specific needs.

There is much documentation that shows the beneficial effects of daily exercise on the mood. It is also important for women to take the time to look at what is important in their lives, and it is often helpful to consult with a counsellor who can help you to put into place any lifestyle changes that you would like to make.

Books that can give you helpful information include "The Herbal Menopause Book, Herbs, Nutrition and other Natural Therapies" by Amanda McQuade Crawford, available at Richters, and Susun Weed’s "Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way" (Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, New York). From these books you will learn why menopausal symptoms occur and how you can deal with them naturally.

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