Help for Pollen Allergy? (Hay Fever)
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Kaltrina
Posted on: May 04, 2004

I am 32 years old. I was wondering if there was any possible remedy for pollen allergy?

There is much you can do to prevent pollen allergies. The most effective method is to build your resistance all year round, so that your immune system is strong by the time the pollens are out.

Antioxidants that are abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables provide an important defence against allergic reactions. Supplemental vitamins C, E and the carotenes, and the mineral selenium can be taken to support, though not replace, dietary intake. Vitamins taken in food are much more effective than supplements. Onions and garlic are particularly recommended to help decrease allergic reactions.

A vegetarian diet is often helpful. Animal products can promote inflammation. It is necessary, though, to include good proteins in your diet, so if you eliminate meat and fish from your diet, you must include beans and grains combinations to provide a complete protein. Avoid any foods that cause you digestive problems. Foods that often promote an allergic reaction include dairy products, eggs, wheat, chocolate, citrus and all food additives and colourings. Poor digestive functioning promotes internal toxins, increasing susceptibility to allergies. If digestion is a problem, a digestive herb like dandelion root or ginger root, can be helpful.

Eating locally produced honey all year round can help you to develop an immunity against local pollens.

Eating unsweetened natural yogurt with active bacterial cultures has been found to promote resistance to allergies including pollens.

Essential fatty acids, in fish, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, are anti- inflammatory and reduce the severity of allergies.

Avoid sugar, which decreases immune functioning.

Expectorant herbs, like licorice and grindelia are useful to liquefy and expel mucus from the respiratory tract, which helps to improve breathing. Licorice is also anti-inflammatory. It may be purchased as a tincture, or as a powder or the dried root for using in a tea. “Licorice” candy usually contains little or no licorice and is not recommended. Licorice should not be taken for more than a few weeks, due to its fluid retention action. Other expectorant herbal formulas may be found in health food stores.

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