Is Leg Vein Supplement Safe in Breastfeeding?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Lindsey
Posted on: May 28, 2004

I’ve recently purchased an herbal supplement for leg vein health. I am breastfeeding and don’t know if it is safe to take. It contains Standardized Horse Chestnut, Escin, Bilberry, Butchers Broom and Gotu Kola. I cannot find an answer to my question anywhere. I’ve tried asking my baby’s pediatrician and my obgyn and neither of them know if it is alright to take while breastfeeding. If you know anything about taking these herbal supplements in conjunction with breastfeeding I would really appreciate your response.

I wouldn’t recommend taking this formula while breastfeeding. Many herbs have not been tested to see whether they get into mother’s milk or how they affect the baby. A general rule is to avoid herbs not known to be safe. Healthy diet choices for varicose veins include blueberries, which are similar to bilberries. One cup a day of fresh or frozen blueberries strengthens the blood vessels. Buckwheat strengthens the veins. Buckwheat can be used in place of flour, and it can be purchased as a cereal or pasta. Hawthorn berries strengthen the heart. They can be safely taken as a tincture (ask for a good quality brand), tea or paste. Garlic keeps the blood vessels healthy. Externally, a witch hazel and horse chestnut cream, applied very gently, is often very effective. Avoid rubbing or massaging varicose veins. Rosemary leaves or a few drops of rosemary essential oil in the bathtub helps to improve circulation. Keep your legs elevated whenever possible, including keeping them raised higher than the rest of your body while sleeping. Ensure that your diet contains sufficient protein for blood vessel health.

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