Rosehips for Arthritis?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Daisy Ferrer
Posted on: June 01, 2004

Hello and good day. I am from Australia and I have a bad condition of arthritis. I am searching the internet for anything I could get hold on for information on rosehips, which they say is the best for arthritis. I have just found this Danish product called (proprietary product) and have strted taking it. They say that rosehip is the most scientifically proven to ease the pain of arthritis (I have rheumatic arthritis). Please give me all the information you can on this product. I am also taking drugs for my high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Will these have any chemical reaction to rosehip?

We cannot comment on specific products. Rosehips are a good source of vitamin C, are anti-inflammatory, and are helpful in the maintenance of collagen. These are all beneficial in arthritis. Rosehips are unlikely to have any negative interactions with drugs.

Generally, one product does not solve the arthritis problem. It is always a good idea to be wary of advertising claims that suggest that there is one simple solution. Herbalist work at removing the underlying causes of arthritis, not just at relieving the symptoms. A combination of lifestyle, diet and exercise accompanying herbs and other supplements is usually required for improvement of joint health and to avoid further joint deterioration. Please see answers to other questions about arthritis on our web site at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "arthritis" for the search.

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