Bruises, Insomnia and Liver Problems
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Belinda
Posted on: June 08, 2004

I am so tired of doctors and all of their high priced formulas. I want to know about willow bark. How can I get it? Also, I have bruises - bad ones. I put together sulfur, clover, tobbacco, oatmeal and asprin, made a poultice, apply it to the bruise and wrap it. It seems to do well.

I suffer from insomnia and I want to know a more natural way to treat myself. I also have liver problems. I would like to know about yarrow, birch bark, black cohosh, blue cohosh, burdock leaf and root, elecampane root, coltsfoot herb and flower and white oak bark. I would like to take these as a tea. Please help.

Regarding your bruises, you should consult a medical specialist to find out why you are bruising easily. Arnica is one of the best herbs to heal bruises. It is available in creams and lotions to be applied externally.

Regarding insomnia, liver problems and uses of the herbs you mention, there is information on our website at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "insomnia" or "liver" or the herb name for separate searches.

If you want to use herbs medicinally, I recommend that you visit a medical or clinical herbalist, who can assess your medical history and give you dietary suggestions and herbal recommendations that will help with the root cause of your health problems. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of money buying herbs that do not give you long term relief.

White willow bark is available at Richters, and in many health food stores.

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