Is Dill Medicinal?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: No Name Given
Posted on: July 12, 2004

Can dill be used for medicinal purpose? I have had a large quantity of dill twice in my cooking. Twice, the next day I wake up with puffiness under my eyes and throughtout the day when I go to the bathroom the excrement is green and I feel very tired. It seems to me that my body is detoxifiying. What do you think? Or is my body rejecting dill.

Dill is medicinal. I am assuming that you are using fresh dill, not the seeds. The seeds are the part usually mentioned in a medicinal context, but no doubt the rest of the plant, including the fresh leaves, have similar medicinal properties.

Dill is an effective remedy for upset stomach, flatulence, and even for insomnia related to digestive distress. Nursing mothers use it in combination with anise, coriander, fennel or caraway to increase the flow of milk. Chewing the seeds can help clear up halitosis.

I have not heard of dill causing the effects you have noted, but dill’s action on the digestive system suggests that it might have something to do with the bowel movements and the tiredness. I guess much depends on how "large" a quantity of dill you are taking, because anything in excess can have unexpected effects. It doesn’t seem to me though that your body is necessarily rejecting dill; but that is something that is impossible to say for sure from afar. You may want to experiment with smaller quantities of dill to see what happens.

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