Child’s Dosage
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Maryann
Posted on: July 19, 2004

My son is 7 years of age. We’ve been going to doctors for years now. He has asthma, acid reflux, and allergies that are not related to mould. I’ve been giving him (proprietary product containing enzymes, probiotics and amino acids), one before and after each meal. What a difference! I took him off Prevacid with which he still had problems. He is about 48 lbs. now. He loves to eat and try new foods now, where as before NEVER! I’ve had him on the (proprietary product) for about 2 months now. He also takes grape seed extract, but how much should I be giving him? I only give him 2 to 3 drops in 3oz. of water. Is this correct? He’s been taking this for about a month. I am asking because the snow is melting here and the wind is coming, now he has his cough back. He does take Flovent everyday, just two puffs at night, and vitamin C. He also goes for 2 allergy shots each week. That is for the indoor and outdoor allergies. I do a lot to avoid his trigger points.

I do not use grape seed extract in my practice, and do not know if it is suitable for children.

All herbs and food supplements are sold in varying strengths. The recommended adult dosage should be on the bottle. To calculate the dosage for a child, use the following formula:

Adult dose multiplied by (age of child divided by (12 plus age of child)).

For example, if the adult dosage is 20 drops, then the dosage for a 7 year old child is 20 drops multiplied by age 7, then divided by (12 plus age 7). This is 140 divided by 19, or 7 drops.

If the dosage is given in ml, note that there are about 20 drops to a ml.

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