Chamomile Tea for Baby’s Reflux?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Edie
Posted on: September 10, 2004

I was wondering if chamomile tea is okay for a newborn. He has reflux and it seems to be getting worse. He is 3 weeks old. Some family members say babies have to have chamomile, some say no and no water. Do you know?

Most important is to find out why the baby has reflux, and solve that problem. You should consult a medical doctor for digestive problems that last longer than 2 days. For possible causes, please see other entries about babies’ digestive problems on our web site at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "baby" for the search. Digestive problems are common with cow’s milk based formula and soy milk, and if these products are continued, the baby will develop more allergies as he grows older. A children’s hospital clinic can help you find a food that will suit the baby. If the baby is being breastfed, then the mother can help the baby’s digestion by drinking chamomile and fennel tea, and avoiding onions, garlic and hot peppers.

I have not experienced or heard of any problems with a baby taking chamomile or fennel tea in the proper dosage. The dose for a baby would be one teaspoon of tea in a bottle with one quarter cup of water, three times daily. The tea is made by steeping one teaspoon of dry chamomile flowers in one cup of boiling water for 15 minutes. The tea should not be sweetened. The unused portion of tea should be kept in the refrigerator for no longer than one day.

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