Prostate Cancer
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: October 01, 2004

My dad has prostate cancer and is 84 years old. Can he take anything to slow the process down?

Thomas Bartram, in "Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine" (available at Richters) gives information on a 10 year study that shows that the survival rate of a group of men with untreated prostate cancer was nearly identical to the group who underwent removal of the prostate gland.

I recommend that you take your father to visit a medical practitioner who can treat prostate cancer without surgery (possibly with hormones), and also visit a clinical or medical herbalist who can prepare suitable herbal remedies. Some of the herbs suggested by Bartram are: powder or tincture form of poke root, thuja, gotu kola and echinacea and a tea of corn silk. Supplements recommended by Bartram include vitamins A, C, E, and calcium, selenium and zinc. In the diet, soy is protective. Soy is best taken in the fermented form, as in miso, tempeh and fermented soy sauce.

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