Hormone Problem?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Doreen
Posted on: December 13, 2004

Let me explain my dilemmna. It all began when I took a routine pregnancy test prior to surgery in February of 2004. The hormone titer level resulted to a low abnormal number and has remained the same since then. For example it varies from 28 to 33. Doctor initially assumed I had a miscarriage back then, but I never believed. They told me my level would take several weeks to resume back to normal 0-5. That didn’t happen!

I’ve seen a specialist and taken several MRI’s, and sonograms. These exams have shown nothing in my uterus, brain or chest. The doctor’s can’t find anything and don’t have a soluble answer either. They suggest I continue to take the titer test on a monthly basis to monitor the level. Interestingly, I never had any pain either.

Do you know of an herb that may help my problem?

I recommend that you visit a qualified medical or clinical herbalist, or a naturopath in your area. A full health assessment is required in order to determine where you need support.

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