Milk Thistle for a Hangover?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Brenda
Posted on: January 02, 2005

Please can you tell me if milk thistle can be used to prevent a hangover? I have bought it in the form of drops, but not sure how or how much to take.

Milk thistle can support the liver in metabolizing the toxins from the alcohol, shortening the time period of the hangover. It would be most efficient taken before alcohol consumption. But there are other factors involved in a hangover, and it is more helpful to deal with them before and while drinking alcohol: dehydration: drink lots of water; acidity: drink lemon or lime juice to alkalize the body; toxicity to the liver and nervous system: dilute the effects by eating before and during alcohol consumption.

The dosage of milk thistle drops depends on the preparation. The dosage should be on the label. Follow the instructions on the label the day of, and the day after alcohol consumption. If it is a tincture, the dose is 10 to 30 drops, three times daily.

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