Thyroid Health and Replacing Drugs with Herbs
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mary Lou
Posted on: January 21, 2005

My brother has a very low thyroid. At least the symptoms he’s having point to it: hair loss, confusion, constipation, always cold with cold hands and feet, insomnia, overweight, sluggish, tired all the time, foggy and unable to focus, short attention span, depression. He is convinced that he has Bi-Polar disorder. Now he says his throat hurts right where his thyroid is and it feels like he has a lump in his throat, and hurts to swallow. He takes medicine for depression, although the Rx’s his physicians are giving him are meds for seizures. Depacote I think and some others. They don’t want him to be taking herbs or vitamins or minerals. Since he gets his meds for free, they pretty much blackmail him. He has the most trouble sleeping, and sometimes not for days. Then he gets psychotic and needs serious sedating. If he could just sleep on his own, the other symptoms would mend themselves. I feel that most of his problems stem from an acid system and a clogged colon as he has been battling constipation for quite a while. He doesn’t argue with the doctors as they are affiliated with 7 counties in our community by the state so he gets his meds for free. He says if he had to go out and buy them outright, it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.00, and he has no medical insurance. He is starting to get tremors, and once again, I feel that’s because he is toxic and also side effects of the drugs. I went to my local health store last night to find something for his thyroid and also for mine. I thought I would purchase some L-Tyrosine or something and split it with him. That woman helping me had me all confused. She was trying to get me to buy other products that I didn’t have the money for. I wound up getting him an amino blend by Hanna Kroeger. Although it didn’t have the tyrosine in it. I also purchased wormwood combination by Hanna -- black walnut, wormwood, quassia bark, clove bud, and male fern root. It’s a good thing I only started off with one, as I took a nap and I feel like I’d been drinking.

I just want to know what would be a good thing to take to help both our thyroids.

In order to treat thyroid symptoms, it is necessary to have a full consultation with a natural therapist like a medical or clinical herbalist or naturopath. It is important that any therapy takes the total health picture and all perscription drugs into consideration, and that the therapy is followed up regularly. To treat the thyroid without this care and knowledge is dangerous. Therefore, I canīt recommend a treatment plan for you or your brother. I do recommned that you look for a good natural therapist in your area.

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