Can Oil of Oregano Inhalation upset Intestinal Bacteria?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: January 22, 2005

I have a history of clostridium difficile infection and recently came down with a sinus infection. Wanting to avoid antibiotics, I tried breaking two capsules of oil of oregano into boiling water and breathing the steam from it. I did it two time for maybe 5 - 10 minutes each time. A couple of days after doing it the second time I began having diarrhea and cramping. Is it possible that breathing the oregano steam two times would have triggered a recurrence of the clostridium difficile intestinal infection?

Oil of Oregano is a stong mucous membrane irritant. Although it seems unlikely, it is possible that the steam inhalation caused damage to the mucous membrane of your intestinal tract, disturbing the bacterial balance.

For intestinal bacterial imbalance, probiotics are effective in bringing back a healthy balance. Acidophilus and probiotic combinations that include acidophilus can be found in health food stores. A diet that minimizes animal fat, sugar, alcohol and dairy products is recommended. If stress is a factor, include physical exercise and relaxing activities like yoga in your daily schedule.

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