Multiple Sclerosis and Lemon Balm-Horsetail Treatment
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Cheryl
Posted on: February 02, 2005

I have MS and for three years I took Copaxone, which gave me horrible pain for which they had me taking massive amounts of pain killers and then sleeping pills because I was unable to do much of anything but sleep during the day because of the pain killers. I became allergic to the Copaxone (thank goodness) and have not been taking anything for the last year. In May I had another MRI and it showed a new large scar on my brain and my doctor wants me to now take Avonex which I have not done to this point as I am terrified of what it will do to me. A cousin had gone to a faith healer for some other sort of ailment and he asked the healer what I might do rather than take the Avonex and this person sent literature on [a proprietary product] which is supposed to contain lemon balm leaf (250 mg), Horsetail (260 mg), Gamma aminobutyric acid (220mg) and tyrosine (70 mg). My question is would this help in any way or are there any other herbs that might work better? I have never had much faith in most medications as my Mother took anything and everything she could get her hands on which made me the exact opposite. I prefer nature to medicine and would like for any time and suggestions you might have.

I don’t know whether this formula would be helpful for MS.

The diet is of primary importance in MS. I recommend that you work with a qualified natural health practitioner, such as a medical or clinical herbalist or an Ayurvedic doctor who has had experience with MS, for guidance on diet and herbs. The diet should focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and protein in the form of a little fish, chicken, turkey and nuts. Avoid dairy products, canned and pre-processed foods, chemical additives, margarine, shortening, hydrogenated oils, deep fried food, excess alcohol, and sweets. Use only extra virgin olive oil for salads and cooking. Other oils should include evening primrose oil, freshly ground flax seed (this provides a fresher oil than flax oil) and cod liver oil. The type, quantity and quality of oils that you use are very important. Keep the use of oils in foods to a minimum. Include good quality multi vitamin and multi mineral supplements daily.

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