Upper Respiratory Infection
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: September 28, 2005

What kind of herbs can be used to get rid of or lessen the effects of an upper respiratory infection? The symptoms are headache, coughing, some wheezing, some productive with yellow mucus and fever. I also have asthma.

For an infection, you generally want to support the immune system in the diet by increasing fresh fruit and vegetables, eliminating sugar, caffeine and alcohol, and drinking lots of fresh water to promote elimation. Decrease mucus production by eliminating dairy products and promote the excretion of mucus with expectorant herbs like mullein and hyssop.

Fever is the body’s defense against infection, causing sweating to eliminate toxins. Help may be given to the body’s elimination systems (skin (sweating), kidneys (diuretic), bowel (mild laxative), digestive system) to rid the toxins. Herbs that are commonly used are: Yarrow, a diuretic that stimulates sweating and aids digestion; Peppermint aids digestion and promotes sweating; Elderflowers are diuretic and slightly laxative. Fresh fruit juices and vitamin C will help fight the infection.

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