Hemorrhoids due to Vegan Diet?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Don
Posted on: November 05, 2005

I was never much bothered by hemorrhoids until starting a vegan diet 2 weeks ago. I have atrial fibrillation and am bipolar. I am on digoxin, bisoprolol and lithium. I have diabetes type II, under control due to weight loss. Can fresh fruits of the season cause hemorrhoids?

Fresh fruit and vegetables do not cause hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins around the anus. Varicose veins develop in one of 2 ways: either from prolapsed tissues, or from tension in the blood vessels causing a restriction in blood flow from the legs towards the heart. Possible causes include valve damage, which alters the flow of blood, high blood pressure causing blockage, blood flow restriction from tight clothing, excess weight and lack of exercise. The risk increases in pregnancy and with age. The veins can be kept in good shape with a diet high in natural foods, daily exercise, a healthy weight and good blood circulation.

Because of your atrial fibrillation, the cause of your hemorrhoids could be tension in the blood vessels. If this is true (your doctor can tell this from your blood pressure), then horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is a good remedy. It is safe to use this externally as an ointment or a cream, usually available at health food stores. This herb is used to lower blood pressure, one of its actions being to dilate blood vessels, so you may not want to take it internally with your blood pressure medication.

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