Potato for Wounds, Banaba for Diabetes?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Beverly
Posted on: November 05, 2005

What are potatoes good for in healing? My grandson had a big boil and potatoes drew this out along with peroxide afterwards. Then it healed up and was gone the 2nd day after the potato applications.

Will potatoes draw out infections from open wounds? My husband has been using raw potatoes for three weeks every night now. His toes look a lot better and now we are just cleaning his two toes without the potatoes. His sores are scabbed over and still healing but not sore to the touch like before. His toes were bluish at one time, and if anything dropped on his toes he would again be in pain and we would have to start all over again till he heals up, which is a long process each time. He is at the point where his toes are healing now and at least not sore to the touch.

He just started taking hawthorn berries with vitamin C and vitamins.

We are trying to work on his cholesterol too.

We will be going back on banaba for his sugar levels which seemed to help a lot back about 1 year ago and we stopped. This was actually the main medicine that he really needed to help and at the time I didn’t realize this. It was working beautifully.

Potatoes have soothing, pain killing and antispasmodic properties. They are known to soothe inflammation, aches and pains, and to speed healing of burns and wounds. I don’t know whether they draw out infection.

I do not have experience with banaba’s use in balancing blood sugar. For information on herbs and diet for diabetes, please see our website at www.richters.com. Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "diabetes" for the search. For information on cholesterol, enter "cholesterol" for the search.

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