Can Diabetics Eat Sugar?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Larry
Posted on: November 24, 2005

I have a question in reference to diabetes and the causes. The main culprit I’ve been told is sugar. If a person is trying to watch their sweets, does it mean I have to stop my consumption of cakes, donuts, candy chocolate, ice cream, or does it mean I can eat all of the above but in moderation?

Simple sugars in cakes, donuts, candy, chocolate and ice cream should be avoided in diabetes. They cause an immediate rise in blood sugar. High blood sugar is the problem in diabetes. Either the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin, or the body’s cells are unable to use the insulin produced, to balance the blood sugar. In diabetes, great care must be taken with the diet and exercise to avoid serious health complications like blood vessel disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and recurring infections.

There is lots of information available for diabetics. Your local pharmacy should be a good source for local resources. There are diabetic alternatives to many sugar-containing products.

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