Fungal Infection of the Feet
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mary
Posted on: November 27, 2005

My husband has severe foot problems every year when the weather gets hot. His feet will have small blisters all over and then they will crack and bleed and itch severely and he will scratch and that makes it worse. If he stays on strong medications from the doctor he gets along fairly well but cannot stay on that medication for long periods of time. We have been to several dermatologists and have never really received any answers except that it is a fungus. It first started when he had to wade through hot water in the basement of a glass plant all of one year while working there and now it comes back every summer when the heat starts. We have tried some really expensive ointments and creams (prescription medications) and nothing seems to work for very long. Do you think that tea tree oil and myrrh would help? Or do you have any suggestions?

The fungal infection should be treated internally as well as externally. Please see other answers to questions about fungal infections on our website at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "fung" for one search and "athlete" for a second search. This fungal infection would be treated the same as athlete’s foot

Tea tree and myrrh are good options. Dilute the tea tree oil to avoid burning the skin with this strong oil: add 5 drops of the oil to a basin of water; wash the feet in this preparation three times daily.

Internally, the dose of antibacterial, antifungal myrrh tincture is 5-15 drops in water, three times daily.

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