Should Herbs and Vitamins be Discontinued When Doing a Colon Cleanse?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Jennifer
Posted on: November 27, 2005

I’m currently doing a colon cleanse and was wondering if I should stop taking my vitamins and supplements. Is it pointless to take them because they are being flushed from my system? Are there contraindications between herbs and vitamins/minerals?

I’m currently taking the following: multivitamin, B-12, Calcium, bioflavonoids, omega-3, aloe vera, St. John’s wort and griffonia.

There is no need to stop taking herb and vitamin supplements when doing a colon cleanse. The colon cleanse removes waste material from the intestines. Your food and supplements still provide your nutrition. Some cleanses recommend a fast or special diet to assist the cleanse, making it more effective. The special diet usually excludes all sugar and white food products, limits grains and meat, which create an acidic body condition, and stresses fresh fruit and vegetables.

I do not know of specific minerals or vitamins that should not be taken with specific herbs. There are specific times that herbs and vitamins should be taken. For example, most vitamins and minerals should be taken with meals so that they can be absorbed with your food. Vitamins and minerals are balanced by your body, and most excesses (water soluble vitamins) are excreted. Some vitamins are stored in the fat in your body (vitamins A, D and E), and are best absorbed with healthy oils or fats. Some herbs contain tannins. Tannins contract the cells of the intestine, decreasing absorption from the intestine to the blood stream. Therefore, vitamins should not be taken at the same time as tannin-containing herbs, the most common being tea and coffee.

Can you recommend a website that will allow me to search for NPs in my area?

We have provided information on our website to assist finding a natural practitioner. Please go to our website at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "herbalist" for the search. The item "Finding a Herbalist" lists websites for herbal and naturopathic associations in various countries.

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