Fingernail Infection
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Fiona
Posted on: November 27, 2005

In one of my fingers, there is some infection in the root of the nail. There is little pain but after a while it pushes the nail to get out.

My nail stays good for usually two or three months and after that the infection will start again and the same process repeats.

I have got one mixture from an old woman but she refused to give me its prescription but I only knew that this consist of Balsam or Propolis and sesame oil and other ingredients she did not tell me about. This recipe was excellant and it was usful, but the infection comes from time to time. I have asked one Venereologist, and he assured me that this is not a fungus.

Can I have your advice?

If this is not a fungal infection, then it is a bacterial infection. Bacterial infection often results from a fungal infection. Both baterial and fungal infections can result from an impaired immune system. The infection will target a weak area. To avoid infections, it will help to keep a healthy immune system, good blood circulation and healthy skin around the nails.

Healthy nail growth requires B vitamins (from whole grains, poultry and seafood), vitamin A (from carrots, carrot juice and other orange vegetables) calcium (from salmon and dark green leafy vegetables) a good source of protein, silica (from oats, oat straw tea, avocado, dark green leafy vegetables), lubrication with essential fatty acids (from freshly ground flaxseeds, oily fish or a fish oil supplement) and moisture (drinking 4-8 glasses of pure water daily).

Keep your immune system healthy with a diet that is high in fruit and vegetables. Avoid sugar, white flower floducts, fried food, fatty meat and food additives. Include high quality protein, preferably fatty fish like salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel every day. Nails are composed of mostly protein.

The mixture that you have been using sounds like a good one. Unrefined sesame oil protects the skin against bacteria. Propolis is antibaterial and antifungal and provides excellent skin nutrition. Balsam is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. These would be good ingredients to combat your nail infection. You can mix the oil yourself by comnbining a tablespoon of sesame oil with 2 drops of propolis tincture.

Alternatively, the nail infection can be treated externally with a cider vinegar soak three times daily (combats staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria, the most common bacteria in nail infection). To protect the nail during the day, keep it moisturized with a solution containing the contents of a vitamin E oil capsule or evening primrose oil capsule, to which 1 drop of pure tea tree oil has been added. Purchase tea tree oil that has not been diluted with vegetable oil. Tea tree oil is both antifungal and antibacterial.

When the infection has completely disappeared, repeat the above treatment once a week. Continue with a long healthy diet to provide the essential nurients, and massage your hands, fingers and nails daily to improve circulation.

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