Passion Flower Syrup for Boy with ADHD
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Jaqueline
Posted on: December 02, 2005

I have a 6 year old boy with ADHD. I’ve been giving him a passion flower syrup that I bought in Guatemala, but can’t find anything like it here. It is made by a company name Lancasco; it contains passion flower, lettuce and valerian. Is there a way you can make something like this? I don’t like prescription medicine and this really works.

Our medical herbs expert, Susan Eagles wrote:

"No, I don’t know of such a product. She could purchase the individual tinctures and combine them with honey to make a syrup. Wild lettuce probably isn’t easily available. I used to make it and found it useful for calming. The package of her original product may list the proportions that they used."

Richters carries fluid extracts (tinctures) for all three herbs. You will have to experiment a little, but you should be able to recreate the effect of the Lancasco product by using tinctures added to water and honey.

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