Colitis and Masturbation
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Sheikh Bilal
Posted on: January 17, 2006

I am 22 years old. I weigh 52 kg. And I am 6 feet tall. I am worried about my poor health and weight loss. I have used medicines to improve my weight, but they made my health worse and my weight problem was not solved. I have now been diagnosed with non specific colitis, and my health has not improved after 4 months of treatment. Now my doctors want to examine my colon through colonoscopy. I am ready to do this. Please advise me.

I am masturbating. Is this good for me or not?

I am anxious and depressed about my health.

We have answered questions about inflammatory bowel previously. Please see our website at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter "bowel" for the search, and see the item "Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease". It is essential to follow a diet that does not aggravate the intestine. The herbs recommended include calming herbs that will help with your anxiety. It is essential to continue under the direction of your doctor. If you don’t agree with their methods, you need to find other doctors who will work with natural methods, and continue your research, finding reputable sources if information on the internet.

Masturbation is normal sexual behaviour. Excessive masturbation can over-stimulate the nervous system and result in physical problems. To reduce the need to masturbate, and avoid physical health problems, herbs, vitamins and minerals to calm and strengthen the nervous system are used: skullcap, oats, valerian, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B complex.

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