Overweight, Depressed and Stressed
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: February 16, 2006

My daughter is 39, very over weight and having trouble with her feet and legs. She has had Parvo and couldn’t walk for a short time. She also has a heart condition and is depressed and stressed. I am sure she has a thyroid condition but the doctors tell her it’s OK. I know her metabolism is off and she has migraines real bad. Often the stress factor is due to her marital and work conditions. She also has TMJ due to stress.

The place to start is with your daughter’s diet and stress management. You may be able to help by cooking healthy meals for her. A healthy diet includes a little animal protein (fish is best, especially the oily fish: salmon, sardines, herrings), along with lots of fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens, whole grains like brown rice, fresh fruit and fresh nuts and seeds. Foods that should be avoided include sugar and sweeteners, fried foods, white flour products, soft drinks (sodas) and any foods that your daughter may have trouble digesting. Dairy products and soy products often cause digestive problems and allergic reactions.

In order to manage her stress, your daughter may get the best results by consulting with a therapist to determine what parts of her life she can control and therefore change to make less stressful, how she can manage her time to give her some necessary time for herself, and to figure out how activities that she finds enjoyable can be included in her daily routine.

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