Recovery from Vocal Chord Cancer
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name Not Given
Posted on: February 16, 2006

I am recovering from vocal chord cancer, but the lost of taste is making my life miserable. I was a championship cook for years. Now I can’t stand potatoes, corn, bread and most pasta. I crave salt. Pickled fish is good, but chips, ice cream and chocolate are no-nos. My mouth gets so dry. In the morning things do taste a little better. I am eating artichokes and drinking the right teas, but it is frustrating and depressing. Beef also is on the bad list. Broccoli tastes good. I hope something is out there. The tumors are 99.9% gone. Now I am just getting skinny and have no energy.

Sufficient protein in your diet should satisfy your hunger. Good sources of complete protein are fish, or a combination of a legume (beans, lentils etc.) with a whole grain (rice, spelt, quinoa, wheat etc). These may be better choices for you than red meats while you are healing. Other good sources of incomplete protein include freshly ground flax seed, hemp seed, almonds and other nuts and seeds. A good vegetarian cookbook may help you find some interesting recipes to entice your appetite.

Dandelion root, which can be taken in the form of dandelion "coffee" (available at health food stores) can help to restore taste by supporting the liver, and acting as a bitter to stimulate the taste buds.

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