Frequent Colds and ‘Flu
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Dorian
Posted on: April 25, 2006

I have been getting the flu and colds since last October. I had the flu/laryngitis for almost a month and since then have had two other colds. The glands on my neck were swollen. I have been reading about red root plus cleavers and poke root. Can you please advise if these are safe to take and exactly what they are? Is there anything in the Chinese medical herb for this?

Your diet may be the most effective way to build up your strength and immunity to resist colds and ‘flus. Through the diet, you can take in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with fresh fruit and vegetables three times daily. Your diet can also speed the elimination of toxins from your body by drinking 6 to 8 liters of pure water or herbal teas, and eating only whole grains (i.e. avoid white flour, and all products made with white flour) and abundant raw vegetables to ensure lots of roughage in your diet, promoting efficient bowel elimination. Avoid all sugars (which decrease immunity), sweeteners and processed food. Two fresh garlic cloves, taken at nighttime, promote resistance to colds and ‘flus. Supplemental vitamin C and echinacea also help build resistance. Natural yogurt helps to populate the intestines with good bacteria, helping to eliminate bacteria and fungi that cause health problems.

Food allergies or food intolerances can also cause lowered immunity. Dairy and wheat are the most common food allergens. You can test for food intolerances by eliminating one of them from your diet for 6 weeks, noting the differences in your health over this period.

If this doesn’t work for you, you may want to get a live blood cell analysis done to see if there is an overload of bacteria or fungi in your system that is causing frequent health problems.

Poke root (Phytolacca americana) is an excellent lymphatic (stimulates lymph circulation to disperse swollen glands) but because the recommended dose is very small, it should be taken under supervision of a natural health practitioner. Large doses cause vomiting. Cleavers (also spelled clivers) is also a good lymphatic without the precautions of poke root. Red root is a common name for New Jersey tea, Ceanothus americana. The leaves of this plant that are used medicinally for their astringent and expectorant properties. It has been used externally as a skin and mouth wash and for vaginal infection. Internally it may be used by herbal medical practitioners for infection of the spleen.

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