Infected Parotid Glands
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: M L Mathurin
Posted on: April 30, 2006

I had swollen parotid glands for many months. I suffered food poisoning in December 2005 and was treated with antibiotics. This caused the swelling to go down but I now feel some pain when I yawn. I now also experience a periodic tightness of the lips (sometimes with a slight burning sensation) and an unusual sensation at base of my lower front teeth.

Can you recommend any herb to threat my parotids?

The parotid glands are a set of salivary glands, located in front of the ear. Herbs that are especially effective for the glands are cleavers, sometimes spelled clivers, (Galium aparine) and poke root (Phytolacca Americana). Cleavers is best taken as a tea. Poke root is extremely powerful, so the dosage must be very small: 3 to 5 drops of tincture, taken in a small amount of water. Larger doses can cause vomiting. It is important to support the immune system. Echinacea root and myrrh (Comimiphora molmol) tinctures combine well with poke root for glandular disorders. Vitamins A, C and E also support the immune system.

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