Bladderwrack and Hypothyroidism
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Audrey Higgins
Posted on: May 01, 2006

I would like to know more about bladderwrack. I have hypothyroidism. I read about how good bladderwrack is for the thyroid and would like to know how to use it. If I grow it, can I just pick it out of the garden and eat it? do I make tea out of it do I have to buy it in capsules? I really want to get well and not just hooked on medicines for the rest of my life. I am taking an herbal blend for diabetes right now but I don’t know how it will work yet. I have been driving 4 hours 1 way to Houston, Texas to take my husband to Chinese herbalist who is really helping him with a condition he has but I cannot afford the treatments he has. He says he can cure most diabetes cases but I cannot afford to keep up visits to him. The tea is $140.00 - $170.00 a week plus the trip. Any info. you can share will be appreciated.

For information on the effects of bladderwrack on the thyroid, please see our website at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then enter the word "bladderwrack for the search.

Bladderwrack is a sea vegetable, so you won’t be able to grow it. Because there are serious side effects if the wrong dosage is taken, it should not be taken without the advice of a qualified health care provider. It does not cure hypothyroidism, it only provides the nutrients needed to allow the thyroid to function properly.

Bladdeerwrack can ne taken as a tea, tincture or capsule.

The drug thyroxine that is usually given for hypothyroidism is one of the least harmful drugs. It provides the hormone that the thyroid is unable to produce in sufficient quantity.

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