Supplements for an Obese Smoker
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Louis
Posted on: May 21, 2006

Over the past 3 years due to severe lower back ache, I have been on 18 months of morphine and 12 months of methadone ongoing for pain. I am a heavy smoker. Is there any benefit to the vitamins I am taking or am over doing the vitamins? If so could you please recommend to me a list of what I should take. I am divorced, on my own and don’t eat enough fresh salads and veggies. I like pizza and cheese, not too much meat, potatoes and fish. I am over weight by 8 stone. I used to be very fit, running 6 miles in 36 minutes. I am 46 years old. I take 60mg methadone a day, smoke about 40 cigarettes a day and take these vitamins: C 1000mg x3 a day, msm 1000mg x 1, D 400iu x1, E 400iu x 1, omega 3 x3, multi x1 , primrose 1000mg x1, garlic x1, ginkgo biloba 6000mg x 2, mega B 100 x1 and even seratone 5-htp x1. I am also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and ADD. I am prescribed 25mg Dexedrine a day for ADHD.

I suggest that you work with a nutritionist to help you to initiate a better diet. Then the nutritionist could then help you with the extra supplements you need. Although your list of supplements sounds okay, I usually work with people who want to make a change to their diet and lifestyle, so the vitamins would not be taken long term.

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