Depression and Alcohol Cravings
Answered by:" Susan Eagles
Question from: Emma
Posted on: May 26, 2006

What is the best herb to stop craving for alcohol? I used to think that kudzu helped, but not anymore. Once I’m off alcohol for a few days I dont crave it, but I get very depressed when I’m alone in the house and that is when I start drinking. So I would like to know what is best for depression. I tried St John’s wort but it didn’t help much. Is there anything that would help right away when I get this depressed?

Exercise is the best immediate help for depression. Exercise, even simple exercise like walking, releases endorphins into your blood stream to improve mood. Music and dancing lift the mood. If you are on your own in the house, put on some music that you like, and dance to it any way you feel.

Light also helps the release of endorphins, so it is important to spend as much time as possible outside in natural light. Inside, you can sit by a window and use full spectrum light bulbs in your home.

Ensure that your diet contains good protein (a little fish or meat) and lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Eliminate processed foods, prepackaged foods, artificial colourings and flavourings and limit caffeine intake from soft drinks, coffee, black tea and chocolate.

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