Eczema in the Ear
Answered by:: Susan Eagles
Question from: Wendy
Posted on: August 06, 2006

I am pleased to find someone I can ask, other than a medical doctor, about my ear problem which I have suffered with for 10 years now. On two occasions I have been prescribed an antibiotic spray, which has taken it away for about ten days only to return, the same old itching, flakyness and weeping clear liquid at night when I lay on my left side. I have tried applying pure aloe vera gel which only seems to ease the irritation and soreness for a few hours. I have read that nettle tea may be of help. Would you agree with this? I would be so grateful for any advice you may have.

Eczema is an allergic reaction, often related to food sensitivities or incomplete digestion. Giving attention to the diet and digestion is the first step in solving eczema problems. Digestive acids decrease as we age. Food sensitivities cause inflammation, which results in eczema. The offending foods are often dairy products and gluten. Digestive improvements can be made by taking a probiotic such as acidophilus, and taking a liver supportive herbs like dandelion root. Keeping a diet diary can sometimes pinpoint the foods that make the condition worse. You will need to eliminate an offending food from your diet for 2 weeks to make a big difference in your condition.

Evening Primrose Oil is often helpful, taken internally, as it provides the type of fatty acid needed for skin repair. Freshly ground flax seeds, one to three tablespoons daily, provide good omega-3 oils and act as as a soothing bulk laxative.

Externally, try mixing the aloe vera with extra-virgin olive oil, to give you longer lasting relief.

Nettles are an excellent addition to your healing regime. Nettle tea improves blood circulation, detoxifies blood, and counters some food allergies. Drink 3 cups a day, made by infusing one tablespoon of dried herb (3 tablespoons fresh) in a covered cup of boiling water for 30 minutes.

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