Dark Cirles around Eyes, Red Flushing, Broken capillaries and Pimples
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Jason
Posted on: September 15, 2006

I have a few symptoms that may indicate I have some sort of internal problem that may be helped with some herbs. These are the symptoms:

1 dark round circles under eyes

2 red flushing

3 broken capillaries on face, particularly around the nose

4. small bumps, like pimple on front of thighs.

1. dark round circles under eyes may be caused by food allergies, immune system, weak digestion, liver dysfunction, exhaustion or tension.

2. red flushing may be caused by chemicals, food additives or certain drugs.

3. broken capillaries on face, particularly around the nose may be caused by sun damage, alcohol or excess pressure of blood flowing through the capillaries, possibly caused by a loss of elasticity in the blood vessels.

4. small bumps, like pimples on front of thighs could be acne.

I suggest that you first look to your diet, avoiding common food allergens like dairy products and eliminating processed foods, which commonly contain sugar, chemicals or unhealthy fats. If possible, consume only fresh, whole foods and avoid fried food. Ensure that your diet is balanced, with sufficient good quality protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs), with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid all refined grains (white bread, pasta etc.), and limit all grains (breads, pastas, cereals etc.) to a maximum of three small servings a day, always balanced with protein and vegetables. Avoid oils in purchased salad dressings. Oils in purchased products are often damaged by heat extraction. Use extra virgin olive oil instead. Avoid artificial fats like margarine. Use butter instead.

Next, support your liver, which needs to process all of the hormones and toxins in your body. Dandelion root or milk thistle seed provide liver support.

You will get more complete information by consulting with a qualified natural practitioner (a medical or clinical herbalist or a naturopath), who can get a clearer picture of causative factors by asking relevant questions about each of your symptoms.

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