Graviola for Cancer
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Sandi
Posted on: September 15, 2006

Have you ever heard of graviola? It is called soursop in the United States. it is supposed to be a cure for cancer, but the FDA will not have it on the market. My mom and dad passed away a year apart three years ago. Since both of my parents had cancer, I’m at a big risk.

I know of graviola but have no experience using it, so cannot recommend it. A good website on graviola is

When taking remedies from other cultures, it is best to take them using the same method as the native people. This would be as a tea made from the leaves. Taking preparations that have changed the form of the herb, or taking doses that are higher than in traditional use, or taking the herb for longer periods of time, can lead to health problems.

You can greatly reduce the risk of cancer with your own lifestyle. I suggest that this is a better way than taking a herb that may prevent cancer, with unknown risks. A qualified natural practitioner can give you recommendations for diet and physical and mental exercises that increase resistance to cancer.

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