Disadvantages to Using Plants as Medicine?
Answered by: Susan Eagles Question from: Sweta
Posted on: October 29, 2006

Are there any disadvantages to using medicinal plants in preparing medicines? Or is there any menace if one applies natural treatment than allopathic formulations?

Natural medicines are usually free of side effects and harm when taken under advisement of a qualified natural practitioner. When they are taken without professional advice, they usually cause no harm, but they may not help the health problem.

Natural medicines are usually not substituted for allopathic medicines. In natural medicine, a professional practitioner will conduct an in depth examination to determine areas of weakness in the body before recommending solutions. For example, in a heart problem, before recommending a medicinal plant, the practitioner will ensure that you know about good eating and exercise habits, that your digestion and nervous system are functioning well, and know what medications you are currently taking. Usually, the practitioner will not recommend stopping your current medication, but will watch for positive changes while following the natural protocol, and either consult with your doctor or recommend that you visit your doctor to advise decreasing or eliminating medication. It is dangerous to stop medication without consulting with your doctor.

If you are preparing your own herbal medicines, you should use a dependable herbal reference book so that you know the proper preparation methods and doses.

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