Herbs to Help Sleep with Tinnitus
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Ramona
Posted on: November 25, 2006

Can you tell me if there is any sort of list on adverse effects of herbs on tinnitus?

I’ve had severe tinnitus 24/7 for the last 20 years. I’m absolutely paranoid about using anything I’m not sure of. I think I would rather be absent from this life than have this thing get any worse. However, I really need something that will help my sleep. I’ve been sleeping, lightly, between 1 1/2 and 3 hours nearly every night for the last month. I’m getting desperate.

There are many possible causes of tinnitus. In order to find out what herbs may have an adverse effect on tinnitus, it would be necessary to include a discussion of the factors underlying each of these possible causes of tinnitus.

There is some information on herbs that may cause tinnitus on our website www.richters.com . You can see it using the link


Skullcap, hops and passion flower are herbs that can help you sleep. None of them have stimulating effects. (Stimulating hebs can cause problems in an already stimulated body system.) All of these herbs are recommended for tinnitus with sensory hearing impairment and degenerative changes of the cochlea, by Thomas Bartram, in "Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine" (available at Richters).

I assume that you are regularly consulting with a medical doctor and have ruled out tinnitus caused by ear, mouth, drug or blood pressure problems as well as sleep problems related to hormonal imbalance.

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