Herbal Stool Softeners
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Eva
Posted on: December 03, 2006

Is there an herb for stool softener? If so, please let me know that it is.

Psyllium seeds and flax seeds are stool softeners. They add bulk to the stool by absorbing liquid. When using psyllium or flax seeds, you must drink a full cup of water after taking them and ensure that you drink 8 - 8ounce cups of water or herbal tea a day, or the seeds will dry out the digestive system, causing bowel obstruction. Start with one tablespoon of seeds in the morning, increasing to three times a day if necessary. Occasionally, people are allergic to psyllium seeds. Don’t use psyllium if you have asthma and watch for a negative reaction if you suffer from allergies. Metamucil is made from psyllium seeds.

To take psyllium seeds, mix the seeds in a 6 to 8 ounce glass of water. Drink. Follow with another glass of water. To take flax seeds, grind the seeds in a clean coffee grinder, then mix the freshly ground seeds in water and drink, following this with another glass of water. Flax seeds may also be sprinkled on cereal or porridge, but the beneficial oils in the seeds go rancid quickly after grinding. They should be eaten as soon as possible after grinding.

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