Constant Itching
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mona
Posted on: February 21, 2007

Is there anything that will stop itching from an unknown source. I am the only one of many in my house that itches most all the time, especially at night. My house has been treated for bedbugs and mites, I use enzymes sprays, and natural cleaners. I eat a raw fruit and vegetable juice diet.

Several others I know are having this problem. Is it bugs we can’t see, CNS disorder mineral deficiency? We are in different states having the same or similar problem.. Everything I sit on makes me itch especially fabrics, my floor(no carpet) my vehicle, my church. I take allergy drops for food allergies and dust mites. I suffered a chemical injury in 1997 and living with all the itching problems and avoiding chemicals everywhere I can is a living "Hell".

I have been learning about natural medicine as fast as I can. I go to meetings with an herbalist Rhonda Dial who has a Natures Sunshine Herb Shoppe, but she hasn’t been able to help as yet although we have tried many things.

Generalized itching can result from excess heavy metals in the body, candida, parasites, some drugs, and liver, thyroid, gall bladder or kidney problems.

Some suggestions for looking into the cause of your itching: For a start, drink more pure water: at least 2 litres daily, to dilute and excrete toxins. If your itching begins with cold, dry winter weather, make sure your home is humidified. A hair analysis can identify heavy metal excess. A live blood cell analysis by a well qualified and experienced practitioner can identify parasites and fungi. Consult with your doctor for liver, thyroid, gall bladder and kidney function tests. Consult with a qualified clinical or medical herbalist or naturopath. For qualified natural practitioners, please see our website . Choose Q&A from the main menu, then enter "herbalist" for the search. The item "Finding a Herbalist" lists organizations of qualified practitioners.

Please see other items about itching on the Q&A section of our website. Enter "itch" for the Q&A search.

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