Skin Ulcers
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from:Andre
Posted on: February 28, 2007

What would you recommend for skin ulcers?

Skin ulcers are the result of skin breakdown, which can lead to infection. Varicose ulcers, appearing on the lower third of the leg, are the most common form. They are a result of poor peripheral circulation, often from varicose veins. Skin ulcers can also be caused by diabetes, arterial disease and by the herpes virus. Consult with your doctor to determine the cause. Serious complications, like gangrene, cellulitis and septicemia (blood poisoning) can result from ulcers invaded by bacteria.

If the cause can be determined, treat the cause. For information on varicose veins, please see our website . Choose Q&A from the main menu, then enter "varicose" for the search. For information on diabetes, search for "diabet".

Honey, particularly New Zealand Manuka honey (available at health food stores), is antibacterial and healing, pulling infection out of a wound. It has been used successfully on ulcers that have been resistant to antibiotics. Soak sterilized gauze in honey and apply to ulcer after cleansing (see herbs for washes, below). Cleanse the skin again after removing the gauze.

Encourage blood circulation to the affected body part: for leg ulcers, keep the leg raised; taken internally, the herb ginkgo (taken as a tincture or capsule), and teas of linden flowers (Tilia cordata), nettles and yarrow encourage blood circulation to peripheral parts.

Internally, Echinacea strengthens resistance to infection. Thuja exerts a positive effect in any tissue degeneration. Externally, use these herbs as a wash by adding a few drops of the tinctures to a cup of warm water. These herbs stimulate the growth of healthy skin tissue. Calendula and comfrey teas also make effective skin washes, cleansing and promoting healing.

Supplement with vitamins C and E to support immune system function.

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