Herbal Teas and Baths for Chicken Pox
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Emily
Posted on: March 13, 2007

I need to know what kind of herbal teas or baths are good for treating the chicken pox for a nine year little girl.

Mary Bove, in her book "An Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants" suggests the following for a child with chicken pox:

Support the immune system with antiviral herbs: Echinacea, licorice, St. John’s wort and astragalus (these can be taken as tinctures or teas); give immune supporting foods: garlic, ginger, Chinese mushrooms; use immune supporting vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, beta carotene, zinc and bioflavonoids.

For fever and general malaise, use meadowsweet, chamomile, elder flower and linden flowers (as tinctures or teas).

For tepid herbal baths and washes, use burdock root, calendula flowers, chickweed, lavender flowers, nettles or peppermint. You can make a strong tea with the herb, then add the filtered tea to the bathwater.

For information on herb dosage for children, please see the item "Child’s Dose" on the Q&A section of our website www.richters.com:


The usual adult dose of a dried herb or combination of dried herbs is one teaspoon of dried herb per cup of boiling water, steeped in a covered pot for 15 minutes. One cup, three times daily.

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