Kegel Exercises to Increase Vaginal Sensitivity
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Denise
Posted on: March 19, 2007

I am a mother of three and with each childbirth i have noticed a significant decrease in sensitivity of my vagina and entire vaginal area. There is almost a numb type of feeling. I have used over the counter topical ointments that are supposed to increase the blood flow to this area to heighten sensitivity but this only pacifies the problem for a short period of time. My sex drive has increased tremendously since my third child three years ago but i cant find pleasure in sex because it feels as though my vagina is asleep, even though there is not a problem with vaginal dryness. Is there anything you can recommend that may help to wake my body up?! It still functions properly, I just can’t feel it!

Pelvic floor, or Kegel exercises, are the best method of restoring health and sensitivity to the vagina by strengthening and toning the pubococcygeus muscle and bringing a nourishing blood supply to the vaginal walls.

To do this exercise, identify the muscle by locating the muscle you use to stop urination. Tighten and release this muscle as many times as you can, working up to 100 to 200 Kegels a day, spread out throughout the day.

Practised daily, Kegels prevent urinary incontinence and atrophy of internal organs that can occur in aging.

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