Beginner’s Books about Medicinal Herbs
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Taylor
Posted on: March 27, 2007

I want to know which books you prefer about herbs and their uses. I am very fascinated about herbs but I don’t know all their uses. I prefer herbs having to do with medicine. I mainly only know about aloe that takes care of burns and relieves the pain.

My favourite herb book for general and beginners use is David Hoffman’s "The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal" or his "The New Holistic Herbal" (which contains the same information without the illustrations). Hoffman’s book includes herbal actions, uses and doses for teas and tinctures (the usual forms of the herbs that herbalists use), includes a detailed section on herbal preparations. Hoffman’s book makes interesting and informative reading, as he discusses when, why and how to use particular herbs for medicinal purposes.

Another of my favourites is Rosemary Gladstar’s "The Family Herbal", which provides fun and easy-to-follow instructions on when, why and how to use herbs medicinally.

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