Daughter’s Vivid Dreams
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Debbie Sawyer
Posted on: April 10, 2007

I am a concerned parent of a 20 year old daughter who has shown signs

of clairvoyences. In which my late grandmother had. I try not to read to much into her dreams and sights. However, on many occasions I had to admit that what she saw was in fact real. She speaks with me often of a dream that she has had several times involving a little girl and a funeral home in her home town. She does not drive, but had her husband take her to this funeral home. When she arrived she says she was very uncomfortable, as everything was as she saw them but more improved. She also stated to her husband that there was an ice cream shop on the corner that she would know the place. Sure enough it was there. She appears to be afraid for this little girl as there are many dead bodies in her dream, yet there is no grave site at the funeral home. She has corrected me to say that these are ghosts, not dead bodies. She feels as though this little girl is trying to tell her something. As she dreams of her often.

I am concerned as I have had contact with my grandmother on a few occasions since her death. I do not know how to advise my daughter as I am confused myself. I know I sound like some raving lunatic, but trust me I am not. Do you have any advise that I may render some help for my daughter? Unfortunately this is not something you can readily just ask someone for help with. My daughter’s name is Dominique, she will be 21 soon and she is of a sane mind. Please help me if at all possible.

This is a most unusual request for information and direction for this forum... <ha ha> In a galaxy, far, far away and a long time ago, I was a physicist for Navy Seals. I did all their ESP studies and have a book coming out shortly on that past work titled "ESP Induction Through Forms Of Self Hypnosis" (Earthpulse Press).

While that book is not yet in print, excepts from it are available from


I am also offering a weekend workshop in Sedona on June 23. I will measure each one’s ability as the first thing we do. Then teach the physics of ESP, and how it relates to hypnosis. After a few guide images, I then remeasure each one’s ability again before they leave. With practice almost anyone can increase their ability in guessing by more than 400x over statistical inference.

This is about the Non-Local Mind that I am currently writing. There is a dialog between you and the environment. And, as much as the environment controls and directs many of your actions, so you also are changing the environment around you (thought forms). It is about our beliefs systems and doubts that create our reality.

At 21, your daughter is now probably ready to begin exercising above the neck. Meditation and hypnosis can be very powerful tools, when trying to find yourself (your Self). Her sense of self may have come from her grandmother, and what she believed to be true and real. Spirits have been around the farm for many, many generations.

At some point in each of our lives, we seek a form of dialog between our conscious self and our larger Self. Each of us does it differently. My mother used clairvoyance, and it would appear be a similar path for your daughter. Each of us is unique that way. It is about the importance of one’s imagination, and how it materializes as the physical plane. Imagination is reality.

You might also suggest she begin keeping a diary, what is known as a Magical Memory. The new physics of Wheeler offers evidence that our present actions actually can change the past. She might also want to read James Hillman’s latest book "The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling."

That ought to get her started in the right direction(s).

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