Skin Burning with Lyme Disease
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Belva
Posted on: May 01, 2007

I have had Lyme Disease for 5 years, 2 years misdiagnosed. My primary symptom is skin burning. I burn all over to the point that I have not be able to wear shoes. Soft bed linen even intensifies the burning. A warm bath is my only escape. Pain meds and antiseizure meds do not touch the nerve ending pain. My second symptom is twitching, which I can usually control with Mag.

I have used antibiotics, Rife, herbs and other supplements. Nothing relieves the pain.

What do you suggest?

My Lyme doc is open to new ideas, although he knows little about herbs and oils.

You need more information than I can give you. David Winston is a herbalist with extensive Lyme Disease experience. I recommend that you order his tape and lecture notes from a recent seminar. You can order from his website at

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