Is Herbal Combination Safe?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Zenia
Posted on: May 01, 2007

I’m taking a supplement and the herbal blend has the following. Is this safe for me to be taking?

Abuta stem, root;
Suma root; Mulungu leaf, stem;
Cohosh root;
Passion flower flower, leaf, stem;
balm leaf;
Jatoba bark;
Dong quai root;
Esphinera santa,
leaf, stem;
Kava root.

Without knowing your state of health, or the quality and quantity of the herbs in the supplement, I can’t say whether this supplement is safe for you. I suggest that you use the internet to research the company that makes the supplement, and to see whether the actions of the herbs in the formula suit your health needs.

I believe that it is not beneficial to take herbal formulas without an understanding of how they are affecting your body. If you have a health problem, I recommend consulting with a qualified medical or clinical herbalist, who can do a full health assessment and make recommendations specific to your individual needs. As well as being the safest route, this is faster, cheaper and more effective than trying out formulas that may not be beneficial to your health.

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